Transformer Manufacturing (Core/Coil Winder Tooling & Equipment)

Tanac AX-2 Compatible
Wire Guide Arm

Increased rigidity upgrade from original articulated OEM version

$169.95 CAD each

Tanac AX-2 - Wire Guide Arm

Tanac AX-2-Safety Guarding and Control System
built according to PHSR requirements

$7 995.00 CAD each Installed

Tanac AX-2 - Integrated Safety Guarding and Control System

Toroid Winding Mandrels

*custom dimensions available

Standard units for:
Simotek-$450.00 to $1100.00 CAD each
(Range = 18mm to 100mm)
Tranco-$675.00 to $2800.00 CAD each
(Range = 4.75" to 23.5")
*Custom specifications available.

Toroid Spreader & Forming Tooling

*Custom specifications available

Materials choices include: 1018CF, 4140, O1 and D2

Materials choices include: 1018HR

Shunt Core Lamination Tables/Carts
8000lb capacity

-precisely build Shunt Cores square and uniform on a rolling workbench from production to curing area

-24" deep x8' long = $2 600.00 CAD each
-36" deep x10' long = $4 600.00 CAD each

Scissor lift models also available!

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